Macintosh OS X Setup Instructions

Thank you for choosing TMLP Online as your Internet Service Provider. These step-by-step instructions will walk you through getting your computer connected to the Internet. There is no additional software required – we will use the built-in features of Windows (dial-up networking) to make the connection. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our technical support staff at 508.880.8657

Reference Information

  • username - the username you supplied us with when you signed up
  • password - the letters or numbers that you use to confirm your identity to our server, also given when you signed up
  • Make sure your modem is connected if it is an external modem (USB)

Setting Up Your Internet Connection

  1. Select "System Preferences" from the Apple Menu.
  2. In the Internet & Wireless area, click on the Network Icon to bring up the Network configuration.
  3. Click on the "+" (lower left) and then scroll to select the modem. Click Create.
  4. Select your modem on the left.
  5. Enter the appropriate telephone number for your local calling area:
    • Taunton 508-884-8300
    • Fall River 508-837-6402
    • New Bedford 508-717-6950
  6. Enter your username in the Account Name field, and your password in the password field.
  7. Make sure "Show Modem Status in Menu Bar" is selected
  8. Click Apply (lower left)
  9. Click Connect
  10. To disconnect, click on the modem status (top menu bar) and select Disconnect

Setting Up Email

  1. Click on the Mail icon in the dock. (You can also find Mail in the Applications folder of your hard drive.)
  2. Click on the "+" (lower left) to add an account
  3. Enter your name in the box labeled "Your Name"
  4. Enter your TMLP email address in the box labeled "Email Address." Your email address is in the form of
  5. Type your password in the box labeled "Password"
  6. Click Continue
  7. In the Description field, type
  8. Type in the box labeled "Incoming Mail Server"
  9. Type your username in the box
  10. Type your password in the box
  11. Click Continue
  12. In the Description field, type
  13. Type in the box labeled "Outgoing Mail Server"
  14. Make sure "Use only this server" is checked
  15. Check "Use Authentication"
  16. Type your username in the box
  17. Type your password in the box
  18. Click Continue
  19. A "Verify Certificate" box will appear. Click Connect
  20. Click Create