High Speed Internet For Home

Internet Access allows our residential customers to get online fast for instant informational needs, telecommuting, educational research, online gaming or data streaming.

Our speeds operate at a rate of 50 Mbps Upload / 50 Mbps Download. What does this number mean to you? Click here to learn more information!

Service includes Wi-Fi enabled carrier class router, assistance in the set-up of up to 5 devices and free installation

Service is available at a rate of $29.95 / month + $5 required equipment fee

Call 508.880.8657 to get started or click here to be added to our list of interested customers!

Features Benefits
GUARANTEED Symmetrical Bandwidth Speeds
  • Symmetrical bandwidth means you upload and download with the SAME hi-speed!
  • Don't wait for downloading of high graphic web pages
  • Send & Receive large emails with attachments
Dedicated Connection
  • No sharing of bandwidth, which means you can get to the Internet WHEN you want
  • Download and upload as fast as you can click the mouse
  • No busy signal on phone line
No Modems
  • You will save money because you do not need to buy a modem
E-mail Anywhere
  • Check your E-mail through web access from any Internet Connection in the World!
Express Yourself through your Personal Web Page
  • 50 Megabytes of web space to utilize however you choose
  • Post photos of family events so friends and relatives can see what you're up to anytime
  • We work hard to provide you with a reliable connection so you can get what you need done
  • Our knowledgeable support staff is from your local area and are here to help you when an issue arises
One Bill - Your Choice of Payment
  • Your electric bill and Internet bill will be in the same envelope.  This will make paying it easier, save on environmental costs, and reduce your clutter
  • Payment can be made over the web, over the phone, by mail, or in person.  The choice is yours.

Click here to see if TMLP Onlne Fiber To The Home is available to you!