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When it comes to Internet Services, there are many ISPs right now you can choose from, and many of those have a wide range of prices as well as restrictions for Internet access.

Unfortunately, the choices available can prove to be confusing - and for some, the costs associated with Internet services can be expensive. TMLP Online makes every effort to get Internet service available to anyone who wants it without the hassles and costs.

Now you have a cost-effective alternative:

TMLP Online Internet Services has been designed to offer Internet users the best, most affordable Internet services without any added costs. We have a state of the art system that can provide dependable, reliable service without having to pay extra.

Companies that rely on the fastest Internet access available to support their daily business needs look to Fiber Optic connections from TMLP Online. This advanced technology is fast and easily scalable to meet the needs of businesses today and tomorrow. Available speeds range from 768Kbps up to Gigabit!

Point-to-point dedicated wireless solutions are also now available for qualified businesses.