Fiber Optic

TMLP Online started in 1997 by offering Internet Services to the Taunton community. In fact, our first customers were the Taunton School System and Morton Hospital. Taunton School System needed to tie all 17 schools in Taunton together with a single communication network. Morton Hospital administrators needed to communicate with their remote facilities at Northwoods and Mill River.

TMLP Online's services have supported local economic growth by allowing these types of important community businesses and institutions to achieve their needs when no other ISP could. This commitment has made TMLP Online what it is today.

TMLP Online services and supports over 300 local businesses, which provide over 13,500 jobs in the community. In addition, we also provide service to over 1,000 residential customers.

Why Fiber?

  • We offer Symmetrical Bandwidth so your download and upload speeds are the same.
  • It's Guaranteed so you can get your work done without delay.
  • Only one Installation is needed - Fiber can grow with your company. Increasing bandwidth is as easy as making a phone call!
  • Fiber can handle Video, Voice & Data.
  • Fiber is perfect for VoIP service.

For more information on obtaining TMLP Online's Fiber Optic-based high-speed Internet access for your business, please visit our Services page.