Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I sign up?
  2. What kind of stuff can I find on the Internet?
  3. What does TMLP Online offer its customers?
  4. Is the Internet the same as the World Wide Web?
  5. What is a Web page?
  6. How can the Internet help with my children's education?
  7. Do I get charged on my phone bill if I send e-mail to California?
  8. I keep hearing about "installing protocols." What's a protocol?
  9. What's a modem?
  10. What's a COM port?
  11. What's an IRQ?
  12. What is a browser? Do I need one?
  13. Can you have two different browsers at once?
  14. Do I need to be online to get my e-mail?
  15. How do I protect against a virus?
  16. What does FTP mean?
  17. What is a URL?
  18. Whenever I go to a Website, my address (or Location) line at the top always something that starts off with "http://" What's http mean?
  19. What is HTML?
  20. What's Java?
  21. What's JavaScript?