BPL Setup Instructions

Please refer to the photo below when following the instructions

Telkonet iBridge

Step One

Attach the power cord to the Telkonet iBridge and plug it into an electrical outlet. Do NOT plug the Telkonet iBridge into a surge protector! The Telkonet iBridge's Power LED should light up indicating the Telkonet iBridge is powered on and working.

Step Two

Connect one end of the CAT-5 Ethernet cable to the port on the Telkonet iBridge, and connect the other end to your computer's Ethernet port.

Step Three

Turn on your computer. The Telkonet iBridge's Ethernet light should remain on while the computer boots, indicating the Ethernet connection is working properly.

All three LED's on the Telkonet iBridge should be on at this point. Access the Internet by launching your Internet browser.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps

If the PLC light is off or blinking on the Telkonet iBridge: Rearrange where the Telkonet iBridge is plugged in so that it is not sharing an outlet with any other device. Try re-starting your Internet browser after you have unplugged additional devices and/or rearranged the Telkonet iBridge. Some surge protectors diminish the high-frequency signals utilized to access the Internet. Power strips or extension cords with no surge suppression are ok.

If the Ethernet light is off on the Telkonet iBridge: Verify your Ethernet cable is plugged in correctly into the Telkonet iBridge and the computer. Verify that your other connections are disabled.

If you have Dial Up connections: Check these settings on your computer. Go to Start - Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections Tab and where it says "Choose settings if you need to configure a proxy server for a connection" make sure that "Never dial a connection" is selected. Click on the LAN Settings button and select the "Automatically detect settings" option. Everything else should be turned off including the Proxy settings. Click OK and Apply (if available).

If you can receive email but cannot send email: Your Outgoing SMTP may need to the changed. The Outgoing SMTP server for this property is mail.tmlp.net

In Outlook, you can choose Tools - Email Accounts. Select "View of Change existing email accounts." Select Next. Click Change. Select More Settings and Select Outgoing Server. Check the box for "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication." Also check "Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail." Click OK, Next, and Finish.

If you are receiving an invalid IP address (169.254.x.x): Click "Start" and "Run." Type "cmd" in the "Open" box and click "OK" or press Enter. In the black screen, type "ipconfig/release" and press Enter. The result should be an IP address and Subnet Mask that returns all zeroes. Type "ipconfig/renew" and press Enter. The result should be a valid IP address, such as 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x. After obtaining a valid IP address, attempt to access the Internet by launching your browser.

If you are still having trouble, call 508.880.8657 for assistance!

Safety Precautions

  • Do not open the Telkonet iBridge. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.
  • Keep liquids away from the electrical and computer wiring. Do not operate the Telkonet iBridge or your computer using an outlet that is near water.
  • Do not use the Telkonet iBridge near heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, or stoves.
  • The Telkonet iBridge and all its cables should remain in a stable position to avoid wire strain that could lead to electrical hazard.