Additional Services For Home

TMLP Online offers the following additional service options for customers:

  • Static IP Addresses - $5/month/IP Address

  • Active Sync License - Mobile Devices Only - $5/year

  • MySpam (Virus/Spam Email Protection) - $.50 / month per email account

    With this service, email you receive is checked for spam and viruses and filtered out before it can enter your network and reach your inbox. Suspect emails are placed into the message quarantine. Users can allow or deny senders, reject or release messages directly from the quarantine email or via a web-based interface.

    We use an independent system of servers to process the emails before sending them to your inbox. Our service provides 24-hour protection. There are no filters to be set up or programming that is necessary. You can easily configure the system to suit your own needs. There is no hardware or software to install or update. Messages are filtered nearly instantaneously. Email is never stored, read or censored. Your privacy is ensured.

    Check it out: View a demo of the product at and see for yourself!

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